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Small Groups

We encourage people who are part of our church to join with others every couple of weeks to get together in smaller groups. We call these small groups 'Grow Groups' and they meet in various places and times across the borough.

We call them 'Grow Groups' because we want them to be places where people can grow in their faith and in relationships with each other. As we journey through life there are always things we can learn and ways we can change; Grow Groups help people learn and discover the changes they need to make in their lives to become more like Jesus. We know that we can't do this by ourselves so Grow Groups are one way we can provide more opportunities for us to help one another.

We have several groups that meet in people's homes and in our church building around Waltham Forest and each group has from 6 to 16 people in it. Each group has its own ’personality’ but they will use Bible-based studies to encourage you to grow in your Christian life and they provide fellowship with a small group of people helping you to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships at church.

Our aim is for Grow Groups to be lively, dynamic and challenging places for us to grow in Christ and also places where we can ’know and be known, love and be loved’.

Please note that at the moment our Grow Groups are all meeting online. Please contact us for more information about joining a Grow Group.

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