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Meet the Team

As a Baptist church we believe in something called, "the priesthood of all believers." This means that everyone has a part to play in our church. The Bible says that a church is like a body - it has many different parts but they all work together and none is more important than another.

Our church is made up of all kinds of people who serve in lots of different ways within our church community, in their families, at their places of work or education and in their local neighbourhood. Together we make up the team at Blackhorse Road Baptist Church. To help us to work well together and do the things we want to do we have a leadership team as well.

Revd Malcolm Patten (Senior Pastor) and James Brown (Associate Pastor for Young People) lead our church alongside our Elders. They are Dave Arkell, Tim Barker, Veronica Hanson-Allen, and Jim Hutchinson.  They are elected by the church to be responsible for overseeing the church and together with our Church Secretary and Treasurer, are our charity trustees.

We have six ‘Deacons’ (serving) teams: Fabric & Finance Team (to look after our building and our money), Children and Youth leaders (to look after our children and young people), Grow Group leaders (responsible for our small groups), Music Group leaders (to look after our Sunday services), Pastoral Care Team (to help us care for the physical, mental and spiritual well being of each other) & Missions Team (to help us partner in prayer and financial support with people and organisations sharing the love of Jesus around the world).

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